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San Jose Sharks fan from Iowa City

San Jose Sharks fan from Iowa City


Hi, Teal Tinted Glasses fans, let me introduce myself, my name is Aaron from Iowa City, Iowa.

I have been a fan of the San Jose Sharks since 1994. Being stationed in the United States Navy in California at this time, I started to watch the National Hockey League first round match up between the #8 seeded San Jose Sharks and the #1 seeded Detroit Red Wings. If you remember, during that year, the San Jose Sharks won Game 7, 3-2. From that time going forward, I loved the game of hockey.

During the 1998 season, I picked out a scrappy six-foot center, Bernie Nicholls, as my first favorite player.

I owned his jersey and made sure that I had every chance to see them play. I have several pictures of Bernie in my collection. Since then I have had several favorite players, Mike Ricci, Evgeni Nabokov, and Steve Bernier to name a few.

When life started to get in the way, my love of hockey seemed to diminish. I was working 2 jobs to take care of my family, I was a very busy man. Now a few years ago, a really good friend of mine took to a minor league hockey game. I really enjoyed the game again. I was so excited, my love of hockey was back! At this time the Chicago Blackhawks was making their run to the Stanley Cup finals. That year the Sharks was swept by the Chicago Blackhawks on their way to to the Championship.

I have watched the San Jose Sharks make it as far as the Conference finals but never make it past that round. I have watched the San Jose Sharks make it as far as the Western Conference Finals but never make it through to the Stanley Cup. Fortunately, in the 2015 season, all of that changed and the Sharks made it to the final series of the most exciting playoffs in sports and represented the Western Conference in Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Now we know what happened there but my passion was definitely back. So just recently I decided to write a blog. I hope to get better and better as each blog I write but I am very excited to share my passion for this wonderful team we call the San Jose Sharks. I hope you enjoyed a little about me. Thanks for reading.

My name is Aaron. I am a die-hard Sharks fan from Iowa City. I started following the San Jose Sharks during the 1994 Stanley Cup playoffs. I am a married man with a 7 year old son. Hope you enjoy my blogs

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1 Comment

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